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Streamlining the invention disclosure process for commercialization success

Dear Colleagues, 


Last month we launched a new CURF disclosure process designed to better assess the commercial viability of technologies submitted to our office for review in a timely manner. This new “Opportunity Assessment” process will allow us to make informed business decisions based on potential return on investment.  Adoption of this interactive and iterative evaluation construct will allow us to maximize licensing successes and promote growth in sponsored research support throughout  the Clemson University research enterprise. 


Structurally, we have broken down our single all-encompassing disclosure form into three targeted disclosure forms based on the type of innovation. These include: “Device, Composition or Process,” “Copyright/Software,” and “Plant & Plant Variety Patent (PVP) Materials.”  Strategically, we have revamped our evaluation process by focusing on four critical commercialization success factors: technology readiness, market potential, value proposition, and IP strength.  Our aim is to invest in innovations that, through continued sponsored research, can be de-risked by advancing the Technology Readiness Level (TRL), addressing a valid unmet market need, and establishing an enforceable intellectual property position that will increase the probability of commercial adoption.


Since the launch in October, we have seen positive results related to internal portal use as well as encouraging increases in technology disclosures and external website visitors. While this process is still fairly new, we have processed three  new disclosures since launch bringing the total number of disclosures received by our office to 20 thus far in FY2021.  In addition, our website data analytics indicate an increase of 60 new external visitors since the launch of our new website in September. I am confident this updated process will lead to successful engagement outcomes both internally and externally and increase the potential return on investment through growth in sponsored research support and commercial license transactions.


As we near the end of this year, at CURF, we are focused on doing our part in serving as a trusted partner and collaborator to the research faculty at Clemson, so that we are able to assist  you with achieving your research and commercialization goals. 





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