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PRISMA Maturation Fund

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Innovation Maturation Fund


The Innovation Maturation Fund is a program managed by CURF designed to advance the development and implementation of new medical initiatives, advance translational science, create job and educational opportunities, improve health care and drive economic growth in the region. The fund was created from a partnership with the Health Sciences Center at Prisma Health. 


CURF 2020 Fiscal Year Recipients

We are privileged to work alongside some great minds in their perspective industries. Below are a few who have been able to partner with CURF to develop their technology in healthcare.


Dr. Terri Bruce, academic program director and research assistant professor in the Clemson Department of Bioengineering, will work with her research team to develop a novel point of care test that can easily detect the COVID-19 virus with unprecedented levels of sensitivity.

Dr. Melinda Harman, an associate professor in the Clemson Department of Bioengineering, and Jim Kilton, the Manager of Performance Improvement at Prisma Health, will work to develop an efficient mask cleaning system that will enhance N95 respirator mask reprocessing.

Dr. Dev P. Arya, a professor in the Clemson Department of Chemistry, and J. William Kelly, MD, a physician in the Prisma Health–University Medical Group Division of Infectious Diseases, will work to further develop a small library of compounds identified as topoisomerase inhibitors that can be expanded to aid in Coronavirus specific antiviral screening, with the potential to be broad spectrum therapeutics.

Dr. Sabarish Babu, an associate professor in the Clemson School of Computing, along with Jennica Siddle, an Emergency Department physician at Prisma Health, are continuing their work on a patient-centered self-management tool to support patients’ self-care at home.

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