Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

High-performance protonic ceramic fuel cells manufactured by direct laser 3D printing in minutes

Sustainable Energy, Manufacturing, Advanced Materials

Compared with conventional methods, direct laser 3D printing (DL3DP) can avoid furnace firing, miniaturize the manufacturing space by one hundred times, and decrease the manufacturing time by 150 times down to minutes while only consuming 10% of processing electricity.

Thermal Energy Modulating Cement Materials (Mortars) for Efficient Floor and Other Applications

Advanced Materials

The ceramic-cement-oxide mixed mortar presents a unique solution as it conserves energy and efficiently transfers thermal energy towards heating flooring unidirectionally. This material prevents more than 90% energy loss compared to traditional mortar materials, gypsum, or other insulation materials

Plant-Derived Extracellular Vesicles (PDEVs) for Therapeutics’ Vectors

Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Biomedical

This technology applies to the isolation, purification, and recovery of extracellular vesicles from plant materials, referred to as plant-derived extracellular vesicles.  The exosome population of the PDEVs are employed for use as vectors for the delivery of therapeutics. Exosome vectors are a promising means for the treatment of many diseases, many of which are currently in clinical trials. Roots Analysis…
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