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How CURF is working to promote diversity in research

Dear Colleagues, 

Diversity in research plays an integral role in advancing innovation and promoting unique perspectives. Different experiences and views result in diverse groups, leading to creative and impactful research. At CURF, we have been working to increase diversity in innovation through several initiatives.

 Graduate Student Outreach  

 Graduate students contribute immensely to the Clemson University research enterprise. We have been working to ensure graduate students have the resources to develop Intellectual Property. In addition, we help connect students with faculty researchers who can mentor and guide them through the innovation process. CURF also offers graduate internships to build business, legal, scientific, and technical skills. For more information about our student resources, click here

 Celebrating and Recognizing Diversity 

 As the office responsible for the management of innovation and commercialization at Clemson University, we are promoters of innovative research. While we understand how important research is to advancing innovation at Clemson and beyond, we also recognize that the people behind the research play a hugely significant role in meeting the goals outlined in the Clemson Elevate strategic plan – deliver the “No. 1 student experience in the nation, double research by 2035, and transform lives statewide and beyond,” and to supporting Clemson’s distinction as a Carnegie R1 research institution. The CURF team is doing its part to make sure you are celebrated and recognized for what you do through events, award ceremonies, social media campaigns, and specialty newsletters like this one. We are focused on outreach initiatives to recognize and say, "thank you for all you do." Follow us on our various platforms to stay updated with what CURF is doing here.

Providing Resources and Opportunities 

Our primary mission at CURF is to advance the research enterprise by supporting Clemson University faculty and students engaged in research to create a sustainable model of collaborative, industry-sponsored research feeding back into the University research enterprise. One of the many ways we do this is by providing access to resources and engagements to further advance translational research and commercialization. Some of those resources include: 

  • Funding opportunities for research development, including the CURF Maturation and Clemson/Prisma Health Joint Innovation Maturation funds to de-risk and support the next critical research steps toward commercialization.  
  • Facilitation of engagements with diverse internal and external collaborations to further translational research and technology development. 
  • Sourcing and pursuit of innovation and commercialization funding opportunities offered by external federal, state, and industry partners.

 With the new year in full swing and fresh research projects in progress, I encourage you to connect with CURF during your research journey by submitting an Inquiry Intake Form here

As always, we look forward to supporting all your research endeavors this year and assisting you with achieving success with your diverse research projects. 



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