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Latest News

New Canvas Resource Page for Clemson Inventors

As the new year begins, CURF is committed to continue providing new tools for our Clemson University faculty and student inventors. One of these resources is providing a library of material designed to better assist faculty and student inventors on the technology transfer and commercialization process. Housed on Canvas, Clemson University inventors will have the opportunity to be added to this private page on their Canvas dashboard, which will allow them to access the resources at any time.

The Canvas page offers documents related to CURF resources, including guides on intellectual property, the invention disclosure process, technology transfer and licensing, patents, working with industry, startup resources, and student resources. Over the course of this year, CURF will continue to add new resource materials from internal and external sources.

If you are a Clemson University inventor who would like to join the Canvas page, click here.

If there is a specific piece of information you would like to be included on the Technology Transfer Canvas dashboard, please send a request to curf@clemson.edu.

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