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CURF Presents Three New Technologies to the Clemson University 1889 Society

On November 3rd, CURF senior deputy director, Chase Kasper, had the opportunity to present to the Clemson University 1889 Society at the Watt Innovation Center. With more than 30 of the university's highest donors in attendance between two sessions, CURF introduced three innovative technologies: Faceguard, OlySports, and ColorNet. Each of the inventor groups also spoke with the audience about their technologies and future development goals.

Inventors Alex Bina, John DesJardins, and Greg Batt created a faceguard technology that uses a novel testing method to characterize and improve the performance of faceguards on football helmets during impact. During the presentation, Bina had the opportunity to speak to the group about how he worked on this project as a PhD student, and how it helped him to become Director of Applied Science of what is currently the Clemson 100 Yards of Wellness Center. Furthermore, Jay Elmore, CEO of Green Gridiron and Clemson alum, talked about his work with Bina, DesJardins, and Batt to help advance the faceguard technology through market placement and prototype development.

OlySports (Olympic Sports), a program developed by Jason Avedesian, director of sports science, and Rick Franzblau, director of strength and conditioning, utilizes applied sports science and higher-level analytics to improve athlete readiness and performance. Avedesian spoke to the audience about the development of OlySports and how they are working to further the technology at Clemson. Currently, this sports science technology can be applied to all sports, with the exception of football and basketball. The program also offers several student internship opportunities and has assisted Clemson students in receiving high profile positions at several different professional sports teams.

ColorNet is a software invented by Erica Walker, associate professor of graphic communications, and Hudson Smith, director of applied machine learning, that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to correct on screen brand colors. Developed at the Clemson vs. Duke game several years ago, this software currently has the capability to correct for purple and orange, but can also be applied for color correction in several different markets including defense.

Learn more about each each technology and the inventors here: https://l.ead.me/bdCoL0

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