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Honoring our Faculty Researchers

Over the past year, we have become accustomed to connecting and engaging through video calls, emails, and other virtual outlets. However, despite the challenges and hardships presented that prevented us from fostering collaborations in person, you were still able to successfully develop and advance your research.

Here are some of the significant accomplishments made by our faculty researchers over the past year:

  • Clemson faculty secured 15 patents in 2020 adding to CURF’s portfolio of 196 issued patents and inventions available for licensing. The patents issued honored inventors in the areas of agriculture, bioengineering, and materials science.
  • In 2020, eight Clemson faculty technologies were licensed or otherwise commercialized. In addition, six new licenses were executed for Dr. Roy Jones’ Call Me Mister program, Drs. Anand Gramopadhye and Kapil Madathil received four new licenses for the Educate Workforce platform, and an Option and Limited Use License Agreement was executed to commercialize an environmental remediation technology developed by Dr. Kevin Finneran.
  • Last year, we launched a new disclosure process designed to improve engagement outcomes and increase the potential return on investment through growth in sponsored research support and commercial license transactions. Since launch, there have been 15 new invention disclosures, making a total of 33 new disclosures so far this year.

These achievements are only a few examples of the exceptional work to move Clemson research forward. As the semester comes to an end, I want to congratulate you on your hard work and remind you of the many resources we have available to assist you in your research endeavors.

  • Before you disclose an invention, I encourage you to take the Invention Disclosure Tutorial. This tutorial will guide you through the new invention disclosure process and will provide key information on how to successfully complete the disclosure form. Click here to take the tutorial.
  • Our office continues to provide training/education and outreach support to research faculty interested in pursuing industry-sponsored research. Through our efforts, we are able to assist research groups with marketing their areas of scientific expertise, laboratory resources and capabilities, and activities to advance research portfolio technologies toward commercialization. 
  • Additionally, CURF has subscription access to various databases and repositories that provide information on company profiles. These industry and market research reports can assist you with your efforts to engage specific companies for sponsored research and provide information to address innovation and commercialization requirements in a particular grant proposal. Requests for assistance and access to this information are initiated via the CURF Support Intake Form located here.

Thank you again for your dedication to innovation. As always, we are here to support you as you continue to work towards advancing your research.



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