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Promoting diversity through partnership

Dear Colleagues, 

With the semester back in full swing, CURF has made great strides in propelling innovation. One of the driving forces behind this progression is diversity in research. 

An essential part of our role as the facilitator of technology transfer is to encourage every potential innovator at Clemson University to participate in research to maximize commercialization. Unfortunately, women and historically marginalized groups are underrepresented in many areas of innovation. At CURF, we are working to improve this gap by promoting and highlighting the importance of diverse partnerships and collaborations across multiple scientific disciplines. One of the many ways we are doing this is by adding more seats at the table to allow for more ideas from differing backgrounds to be presented. These ideas can challenge the status quo and inspire thinking and research methods.  

CURF is excited to announce a partnership with the Clemson Alumni Association’s mentoring program, TigerLink Gateway, to foster and promote diverse collaborations. TigerLink Gateway is an online platform designed to connect alumni with Clemson University faculty and students. The platform allows participants to build relationships with over 160,000 Clemson alumni working in countless industries. Our presence on TigerLink Gateway will help us grow our faculty mentorship program which connects industry leaders with current Clemson University faculty to help guide them in their research innovations. We are confident that this program initiative will help create more diversity in ideas and further our goal of assisting faculty researchers with developing their novel innovations to move research forward.   

To learn more about this program, please click here

Best regards, 


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