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Latest News

Clemson faculty researchers awarded 15 patents and 8 licenses in 2020

15 inventors were awarded for receiving a patent in 2020. The patent award recipients are as follows.

Mark Roberts: Thermally Responsive Electrolytes

Jeremy Mercuri: Positioning Bracket for Multiple Bone Tunnel Drill Guides

Naren Vyavahare: Delivery Agents Targeted to Degraded Elastic Fibers

Valery Bliznyuk, Timothy Devol: Organic Scintillators Derived from Pyrazoline

Hai Xiao: Fiber-Optic Micro-Probes for Measuring Acidity Level, Temperature, and Antigens

John DesJardins, Jeffrey Anker: Radiographic Discernable Sensors and Orthopedic Applications for Same

Laine Mears: Electrically Assisted Flow Drill Screwdriving and Fixture Therefore

Jeremy Mercuri: Decellularized Biomaterial and Method for Formation

Jeremy Mercuri: Multi-Layered Biomimetic Material and Method of Formation

Agneta Simionescu, Leslie Sierad, Dan Simionescu: Self-adjusting Tissue Holder with Flow Placement for Universal Integration into Tissue Preparation Processes and Tools for Assembling

Kendall Kirk: Yield Monitor For Windrow-Collected Material

Jeremy Mercuri: Positioning Bracket for Multiple Bone Tunnel Drill Guides

Stephen Kresovich, Richard Boyles: CU16FL159

Daniel Whitehead: Functionalized Biodegradable Polymers to Neutralize Complex Mixtures of Organic Compounds from Environmental Sources

MaryBeth Johnstone, Andrew Mount: Marine Antifouling Peptide

Daniel Whitehead, James Morris
Novel Diazacyclobutene Derivatives and Methods of Synthesis Thereof

CURF also recognized 8 inventors who commercialized a technology in 2020. These inventors are as follows.

Robert Latour: SciTeck Diagnostics, Inc.

George Chumanov: SciTeck Diagnostics, Inc.

Richard Boyles: Carolina Seed Systems, LLC

Stephen Kresovich: Carolina Seed Systems, LLC

Charles Rice: Absolute Antibody, Ltd.

Cheryl Dye: “Health Coaches for Hypertension Control”

Joel Williams: “Health Coaches for Hypertension Control”

Janet Evatt: “Health Coaches for Hypertension Control”

Roy Jones: Call Me Mister Program

Gramopadhye, Kapil Madathil: Education Workforce platform 

Kevin Finneran:
Finneran Environmental, LLC

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