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Celebrating 2022 Innovation Maturation Fund Awardees

Dear Colleagues, 

As we look back on this year, one of the impactful programs we were excited to continue is the Innovation Maturation Fund. The Innovation Maturation Fund is a joint grant fund between the Clemson University Division of Research and the Health Sciences Center at Prisma Health. This year’s grants support research initiatives between Clemson faculty members and Prisma Health clinicians and staff that progressed the development and commercialization of health care innovations. Up to $20,000 of funding was available per project. 

This year’s awardees received maturation funds between $19,000 and $20,000: 

  • Dr. Brian Booth (Clemson Bioengineering) and Dr. John O’Connell (Prisma) to further develop the optimization of Oscillating Electric Fields (OEF) delivery to improve survival from cancers with grim prognoses. 


  • Dr. Matthew Browning (Clemson Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management) and Dr. Teny Henry Gomez (Prisma) to design and develop a Virtual Reality Assisted Guided Imagery (VRAGI) System for pain management in patients with advanced cancer.  


  • Dr. Hamed Rahimian (Clemson Industrial Engineering) and Dr. Meenu Jindal (Prisma) to create a computerized algorithm for personalized diabetes management. 


  • Dr. Kuang-Ching Wang (Clemson Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Dr. Scott Annett (Prisma) to develop quantitative biomarkers that provide a new tool for enhancing the diagnosis, assessment, and effective management of Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) via non-opioid therapies and non-pharmacologic treatments. 

We are confident that funds provided to these research projects will advance progress toward technology commercialization and improve multidiscipline collaboration to develop innovative technology approaches to improve healthcare delivery and impact. 

Best regards, 


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