Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme that Secures Clouds and Blockchains

Information and Communication

This fully homomorphic encryption method allows for users of cloud storage platforms to retrieve encrypted information or data without having first to decrypt the data, reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data. Hackers have broken into preexisting encrypted clouds, accessing the personal data of millions of people worldwide. In 2021, data breach costs reached $4.35 million, hitting a record high,…

Image Processing and Semantic Segmentation Software for Flood and Inundation Mapping

Sustainable Environment, Information and Communication

This product is designed to help scientist calculate the severity of a flood in densely populated areas and to control the damage the flood will cause. The pipeline is smartly designed to train images and calculate flood water levels in inundated areas and can be used to identify flood depth, severity, and risk. MarketWatch estimates that the global Flood Insurance…

Purposeful Failure Methodology for Machinery


This failure methodology utilizes purposeful generation of labeled failure mode datasets via surrogate purposeful failure twin (SPFT) simulations. Machine learning powered performance analysis, predictive maintenance, and production management capable of reducing unexpected failure and unnecessary downtime are enabled via this innovation. This technology revolutionizes the manufacturing operations management (MOM) system market, which currently suffers from a gap in the availability…
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