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Moving research forward through fostering public-private collaborations

Dear Colleagues,

The US research landscape is diverse, robust, and forever changing. Over the years, federal sources of research funding have grown at a steady rate, providing a number of opportunities for researchers. While funding is an important resource for research development, building and managing collaborations with industry and federal customers provides an opportunity to understand unmet technology needs in a variety of industry and market segments across multiple scientific disciplines.

As the research landscape has evolved, organizations dedicated to facilitating research development through partnerships with industry and federal entities have become more prevalent. These organizations offer opportunities to foster public-private collaborations and to advance research programs in an effort to create meaningful outcomes for researchers, for-profit companies and federal agency sponsors/customers. One organization, located in South Carolina, that I have found to be rather successful in nurturing lasting connections between industry, academia and the government is Advanced Technology International (ATI). With 20+ years of consortium management experience, and more than 20 federally funded research and development collaborations, ATI prides itself on proactively recruiting, organizing and managing teams of large and small businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to conduct research and develop new technologies for a number of federal clients.

The federally funded research and technology development partnership opportunities ATI provides can be useful in obtaining research funding, better understanding the needs of government customers and moving academic technologies into the federal market. While collaboration is the most significant characteristic of ATI, diversity within research and technology is equally as important. ATI works to break traditional and regulatory barriers in an effort to build an industry and academic-led consortia that is able to provide access to new, cutting edge technologies not currently available in the federal marketplace.

ATI offers a number of research projects that will allow you to gain access to a wealth of business opportunities that can aid you in advancing your research. In total, ATI is managing more than 1,350 active projects with over 3,600 members, of which 75 percent are considered non-traditional government performers, including academia members. I encourage you to learn more about the technology development and federally funded research projects ATI has to offer. To view their R&D opportunities, click here.

As always, the CURF team is ready and available to assist you in developing your research. If you decide you would like to be involved with ATI, but don’t know where to start, we are happy to provide support. Feel free to submit an Inquiry Intake Form with your questions or interests.

I hope you find this information useful and will consider engaging with ATI in the future.



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