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Dr. Terri Bruce

Dr. Terri Bruce is the Director of the Light Imaging Facility at Clemson University. An expert in multiphoton imaging in disease screening and diagnostics, Dr. Bruce has worked to change the landscape of advanced imaging. A long-time inventor and innovator, Bruce received her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Clemson University in 2009, specializing in Cell Biology. Prior to joining Clemson, Bruce spent 12 years in industry, with a focus on process design engineering and product development.

As director of the Clemson Light Imaging Facility, Dr. Bruce works to assist innovators in tailoring their projects from sample preparation to image acquisition and analysis. The imaging facility houses a number of advanced light microscopes and features cell sorting equipment, a multi-user specimen preparation laboratory, and a dedicated classroom. With education and research support as its top priorities, the Light Imaging Facility is one of the premiere facilities located on Clemson University’s campus.

Bruce’s extensive collegiate-level teaching experience and innovative research and business knowledge have given her the tools and expertise necessary to significantly impact the world of advanced imaging.

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