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Dr. Judson Ryckman

Photonic platforms can aid in solving issues with sensing, biomedicine, food safety, and computing. Clemson University professor Dr. Judson Ryckman has been leading the way in progressing the development and application of these photonic platforms. Ryckman received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University in 2013 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University. He’s a named inventor on eight issued U.S. patents and three CURF patent applications.

Prior to joining Clemson, Ryckman worked as a research scientist and component design engineer at Intel Labs. While there, he aided in developing novel silicon photonic components for datacom applications. He was primarily involved in transitioning these silicon photonic components from their research stage into commercial applications and partnered with global fabrication and packaging stakeholders.

At Clemson, Ryckman leads the Nanophotonics Laboratory as the primary Principal Investigator, with the goal to advance the study and application of photonic nanostructures, devices and sensors. His primary research interests involve integrated optical devices and passives, visible/IR wavelength integrated optics and sensors, photonic nanocavities, novel nano-fabrication techniques, spatial-mode and diffraction phenomena, ultra-high surface area nanomaterials, and opto-electronic devices for trace-level biosensing. Amongst their many accomplishments, Ryckman’s lab has most recently been successful at progressing lab-on-chip technology by developing nano-manufactured sensor chips that work with laser light. This technology could make it possible to run diagnostic tests without needing expensive scientific instrumentation.

In addition to his research, Ryckman is an advisor to Anello Photonics Inc., a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and is a reviewer for journals published by Optica Publishing Group (OSA) and IEEE. He is a recent recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Program Award. He has authored two book chapters and has over nineteen publications.

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