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Dear Colleagues: 

One of the areas that CURF explores when evaluating innovations is markets and the segments within those markets. The more diversified groups of people that are allowed to participate in the development of something innovative, the more likely the innovation will be widely adopted amongst a market or market segment. With that thought in mind, and given that the month of February celebrates a significant form of diversity in Black History Month, I encourage you to consider the following resources: 

In addition to these resources which encourage diversity in research, I have had the privilege to serve on the Association of University Technology Managers (“AUTM”) Women Inventors Committee. This committee has consistently and persistently challenged the status quo and aims to educate society on the role of women, and the hardships they face, in innovation. This group was the catalyst for multiple diversity initiatives which has helped AUTM amass over 3,000 members from 800 institutions across 65 countries. During the 17 years I have been with AUTM, I am proud to have had a hand in promoting diversity in research and will continue to assist organizations like AUTM working to open doors for more diverse collaborative research.   

I encourage you to explore the above resources and consider diversity in all its forms as you discover, create, and innovate. 


Chase Kasper, CURF Director of Business Development 

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