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The Continued Evolution of University-Industry Interface

Dear Colleagues – 

 The fall semester has arrived—welcome back home to Clemson! Student and research engagement is under way, and the excitement of a new year re-emerges filled with opportunity and promise. 

 Research platforms and projects are diverse by nature and can have a diverse range of collaborators. At some point, you (or your students) may find yourself discussing your research or technology with an industry partner to explore some form of engagement. These engagements can vary in nature from student projects to industry sponsored research, or out-licensing innovations. Furthermore, managing these university-industry (U-I) engagements, while exciting, can also be challenging, for multiple reasons. The good news is that there are references and resources that are available to provide guidance in these interfaces. 

 Clemson University is a member of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP). Their mission is to support “mutually beneficial university-industry collaborations by developing and disseminating strategies for addressing common issues between the two sectors.” Since 2006, UIDP has been facilitating the U-I interface between major “R1” research universities and very well-known companies (e.g. BASF, Boeing). You can find a list of members here: https://uidp.org/membership-list/   

You can also access UIDP content by creating your own account at the “Member Login” part of the UIDP website. Since Clemson has an organizational membership, any email domain name with a “clemson.edu” extension gets access at no cost to you. Examples of topics with additional resources, such as publications and webinars, include: 

  • Contracting 
  • Partnership Management & Research 
  • Government Engagement and Economic Development 
  • Workforce Management & Student Engagement 

 As Clemson’s UIDP Primary primary Representativerepresentative, please let me know if I can provide any insights on UIDP or its programming. In my 13 years of working experience with UIDP at three3 R1 universities, I have found it to be an excellent resource. I fully believe that the evolution of U-I relations in the years to come will only increase UIDP’s impact on the Clemson University research enterprise.   

Have a great Fall semester and Go Tigers! 


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