Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Smart Orthopedic Screws for Imaging through Tissue


Clemson University researchers have developed “smart” orthopedic screws that incorporate x-ray excitable materials so detection through tissue is possible. This approach enables noninvasive monitoring and detection of implant strain so preventative measures can be taken to limit patient stress.

Improved High-Density Functionality of Polymer Surfaces

Advanced Materials

This easy modification creates polymer surfaces with high-density functionality by using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) capillary-channeled polymer (C-CP fibers) as the support material. The low-cost modification provides the capability for fast protein separations for proteomics applications and downstream processing due to the improved binding capacity.

Software Platform that Enables Large Scale Brain Wave Data Collaboration

Biomedical, Biotechnology

Clemson University and Medical University of South Carolina researchers designed EEGnet. The software effectively allows researchers from across the country to view and collaborate with large scale brain wave data. EEGnet has the potential to dramatically change the research and application of EEG data by providing standardized data needed to validate new algorithms to diagnose epilepsy and similar disorders.
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