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Protecting IP to drive collaboration

At CURF, we manage and protect Clemson's intellectual property assets and leverage those assets to support Clemson's research mission and to collaborate with industry in commercializing innovative technologies.

Clemson researchers engage CURF to help evaluate early-stage technologies in conjunction with federal and industry sponsored research activities. Intellectual property protection is a key component to many types of sponsored research projects, especially those involving industry collaborators.
Sponsors understand the value that intellectual property can bring to their organizations through the development of new and useful innovations. For-profit companies are particularly interested in new IP that can expand their market share or maintain an advantage over their competitors.

CURF frequently pursues patent and copyright protection to establish a foundation for future collaboration. We use intellectual property protection to incentivize research collaborations through a variety of contractual agreements with collaborators. Sponsored projects typically involve research contracts with IP terms, as well as separate IP agreements which facilitate joint invention management and licenses for commercial use. Commercial licenses are made available to for-profit companies who are looking to commercialize research results.

The CURF team works with parties interested in licensing and seeks to find the best partner for each technology who can bring successful products to market. To view technologies that are currently available for licensing, click here.

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