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How diversity can increase IP

At CURF we believe diversity is a key component to the sustained innovation and increased development of valuable intellectual property. 

The most successful innovations typically center around solving problems which address unmet market needs.  Innovators must overcome technical hurdles, weigh various design criteria, and develop solutions that strike a balance between the pros and cons of multiple candidate designs. 

Factors such as gender, race, age, and nationality all bring elements of diversity which can complement and strengthen innovator teams.  By bringing together multiple points of view, a diverse team of innovators can increase the likelihood of finding the most ideal solution to a given problem. A team with a variety of cultural, social, and experiential backgrounds is more likely to fully understand the given problem and the nature of the unmet needs.  

When developing your research, think about how a diverse team with multiple voices might add to a team's dynamic and challenge the status quo. Building a diverse team can be the difference between an incremental improvement and breakthrough innovation. 

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