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Inventor Spotlight: Charles Rice

Dr. Charles D. Rice is recognized as an expert in the generation, development, and application of novel monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic approaches to a variety of diseases that impact human and environmental health. A professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Clemson University, Rice has worked to forge numerous collaborative research efforts with international and national scientists, and within South Carolina at the Medical University of South Carolina, Greenwood Genetics Center, PRISMA Health System, as well as the Clemson community.

Rice received his B.S. in Biology Education at Virginia Commonwealth University, followed by a M.S. in Biology, also from Virginia Commonwealth University. He obtained his doctorate from the College of William & Mary, with a research focus on comparative immunology and toxicology. The American Brain Tumor Association provided funding for Rice’s work in brain tumor immunology during his post-doctoral fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia. Prior to joining Clemson, Rice was a tenured faculty member at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State University where he continued his studies in tumor immunology and environmental immunotoxicology and began research on inflammation and its role in chronic diseases.  His continuing efforts to discover new and non-toxic small molecule inhibitors of inflammation are opening new doors that may improve our understanding of the mechanisms associated with inflammation.

In addition to his accomplishments in academics, Rice’s research is helping to transform the face of health care. He is currently developing humanized therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for the treatment and monitoring of acute and chronic diseases, and these reagents will be a significant contribution to the rapidly developing field of biological treatments for diseases, including COVID-19.

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