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Latest News

CURF Patent Award Recipients

31 inventors were awarded for receiving a patent in 2018. The patent award recipients are as follows.

Brian Keith Ward: Methods and Systems for Production of Organically Derived Ammonia/Ammonium

Dan Simionescu, Agneta Simionescu, Lee Sierad: Self-Adjusting Tissue Holder

Hong Luo, Ning Yuan: Methods and Compositions for Modulating Gene Expression in Plants

Hong Luo, Qian Hu, Zhigang Li: Methods and Compositions for Transgenic Plants with Enhanced Cold Tolerance, Ability to Flower Without VernalizationRequirement and Impacted Fertility

Kendall Kirk, Hunter Massey, Walter Scott Monfort, James Thomas: Automated Control Systems and Methods for Underground Crop Harvesters

Kendall Kirk, Hunter Massey, William Henderson, Walter Scott Monfort: Impact Mass Flow Sensor for Monitoring Peanut Harvest Yields

Joseph Kolis, Colin McMillen: Monolithic Heterogeneous Single Crystals with Multiple Regimes for Solid State Laser Applications

Vincent Yves-Marie Blouin, Dustin Graham Albright, Ulrike Ann-Sophie Heine, UfukErsoy, DanielNevinHarding, David Aaron Pastre, Michael Wallace Stoner:Building Framing System

Marek W. Urban, Ying Yang: Self-Healable Corrosion Inhibition Polyurethane Coatings

Christopher Kitchens: Microdevices and Methods of Manufacture

Robert Gary Prucka, Qilun Zhu: Engine Operation Control

Mark C. Thies, David A. Bruce: Solvent and Recovery Process for Lignin

Ezra Lucas Hoyt Cates: Materials and Methods for Reducing Biofouling in Water Treatment Membrane Systems

Dev Priya Arya: Selective Inhibition of Bacterial Topoisomerase I

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