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CURF Hosts 2023 Innovation Awards

Innovation Awards

CURF was excited to host this year's Innovation Awards ceremony and recognize the outstanding achievements of our Clemson University inventors. This year's event was sponsored by Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. and featured special guest speakers, Sean Solberg, and Matt Bell. Sean Solberg is a shareholder and patent attorney at Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Sean works with businesses and entities to protect technologies through patent prosecution, enforcement, and competitive patent analyses. Matt Bell is the Director of SC Launch within the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA), where he leads the strategic direction of the program by providing mentoring, networking, and grant funding to eligible companies that are employing new technologies.

This year, we were proud to present 9 License Awards and 23 Patent Awards to over 30 inventors.

Below are those who received a License Award:

  • Charles Rice: Absolute Antibody, Ltd.
  • Tim Howard, Snowil Lopes, David White, & Carl Ehrett: CarbonCents, Inc.
  • Marek Urban: Logical Brands, Inc.
  • Ken Marcus: National Research Council of Canada
  • Susan Limber & Jane Riese: Gamify, LLC

Below are those who were granted a Patent Award:

  • Kendall Kirk & Perry Loftis: Round Bale Weighing Method and System
  • Marek Urban: Commodity Self-Healing Copolymers
  • Ken Marcus: Multi-Electrode/Multi-Modal Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge Plasma Ionization Device
  • Daniel Whitehead & James Morris: Novel Diazacyclobutene Derivatives as Anti-Parasitic Drug Substances
  • Johan Enslin & Moazzam Nazir: Enhanced Grid Stability through GIC elimination and Grid Support
  • Nicole Tobias, Arwa Alsubhi, & Jacob Sorber: A Batteryless Sensor that Detects Occupancy and Human Activity using Ambient Light Reflections for Both Power and Signal
  • William Delaney, Tahmid Talukdar, & Judson Ryckman: Multilayer Porous Waveguide Sensors Featuring High Confinement Factors and Method for Making the Same
  • Eric Johnson, Jerome Miller, & Richard Watkins: A Fast and Continuously Tunable Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) System for Higher Order Bessel Beams Integrated in Time (HOBBIT)
  • Delphine Dean: Titanium Clip Detector
  • Kyle Brinkman: Hydrogen Isotope Separation Methods and Systems
  • John Ballato: Rare-Earth Doped Multicomponent Fluorosilicate Optical Fiber for Optical Devices
  • Tong Ye: A Superresolution Optical Imaging Method with Mutiplexed Pulse Illumination and Detection
  • Robert Latour & George Chumanov: Coupon Design for Enhanced Color Sensitivity for Colorimetric-Based Chemical Analysis of Liquids
  • Judson Ryckman: Deeply Sub-Wavelength All-Dielectric Waveguide Design and Method for Making the Same

Below are those who were granted a Patent Award:

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