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Clemson faculty secure 15 patents in 2019

Among the 15 patents awarded to Clemson researchers in 2019 were technologies for optimizing pressure reduction with a 3D printed foot orthotic, analyzing data of various kinds, and treating early onset scoliosis and spinal deformities.

The Clemson University Research Foundation would like to recognize the 17 inventors that were awarded patents this past year. The recipients are as follows:

Philip Brown: Nanofibrous Materials as Drug, Protein or Genetic Release Vehicles

Kendall Kirk: Yield Monitor for Windrow-Collected Materials

Jeoung Soo Lee: Multi-functional Particles and Methods of Using the Same

Igor Luzinov: Hybrid polymer thermoplastic implant bonding improvement by grafting

Richard Kenneth Marcus: Means of Introducing an Analyte into Liquid Sampling-Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge

Jason McNeil: Functionalized Chromophoric Polymer Dots and Bioconjugates Thereof

Andrew Mount, Mary Beth Johnstone: Conotoxin Peptides for Use in Biofouling Deterrence

Htoo Wai Paing, Richard Kenneth Marcus: Ambient Desorption-Optical Emission Spectroscopy Using A Microplasma Desorption/Excitation Source

Timothy Pruett, John DesJardins: Variable Hardness Orthotic

Leslie Sierad, Daniel Simionescu: Decellularization Method and System and Decellularized Tissue Formed Thereby

Marek Urban: One Step Synthesis of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Block Copolymers

Hai Xiao: All-Digital Sensing Device and Implementation Method

Hai Yao: Rib Hook Devices, Systems, and Methods of Use

CURF would also like to recognize Thompson Mefford for his 2017 patent entitled: Patterned Nanoparticle Assembly Methodology.

The Clemson University Research Foundation would like to recognize 10 inventors who commercialized a technology in 2019. The inventors are as follows:

Anand Gramopadhye: Thin School, Greer Chamber of Commerce

Scott Husson: Purilogics

Roy Jones: “Call Me Mister”

Joseph Kolis: HT Crystal Solutions

Kapil Madathil: Thin School, Greer Chamber of Commerce

Colin McMillen: HT Crystal Solutions

Dan Simionescu: Elastintech, Telluride Medical Partners

Heide Temples: “I Do Love My Baby”

Naren Vyavahare: Elastintech, Telluride Medical Partners

Mary Ellen Wright: “I Do Love My Baby”

**Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, the annual Patent Awards ceremony has been delayed until next year.

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