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technology transfer process


Protect your invention

Protect your invention by working with CURF to get a patent. We contract with outside patent counsel for intellectual property protection, thus assuring access to patent specialists in diverse technology areas.

Put your best foot forward

CURF Technology Commercialization Officers use many sources and strategies to identify potential licensees and market inventions, such as existing relationships of the inventors, the CURF staff and other researchers, market research, other complementary technologies and agreements, the CURF website, and faculty publications and presentations.

Put your invention in the right hands

License Agreements describe the rights and responsibilities related to the use and exploitation of intellectual property. A licensee is chosen based on its ability to commercialize the technology for the benefit of the general public. Sometimes an established company with experience in similar technologies and markets is the best choice. In other cases, the focus and intensity of a start-up company is a better option. If you decide to license your technology, any financial return from the license will be provided to you according to the patent policy. 

Funding for the next big thing

The Technology Maturation Fund is a program managed by CURF, and unlike any other source of funding available to Clemson faculty, the sole purpose of this funding is to support the last critical step that will significantly increase the likelihood of commercializing Clemson intellectual property. Click the link below to learn more about the Maturation Fund. 

Maturation Fund