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Licensing Intellectual Property

The Clemson University Research Foundation works to evaluate opportunities to transfer discoveries from the laboratory to the public sector, typically through licensing rights to companies that have access to resources needed to further develop and commercialize the technology.

 CURF is on the front line of new innovation and can provide companies direct access to world-class technologies being developed at Clemson University.         

Guidelines for Licensing

Inquiry Intake Form

The Clemson University Research Foundation Inquiry Intake Form is designed to streamline inquiries to CURF. For project inquires or requests related to technology transfer, please submit an Inquiry Intake Form.

Submitting a Licensing Application

The first step to officially begin the process to secure a license with Clemson University is to complete the CURF Technology Licensing Application.

CURF requires the application to be completed in full and submitted to the appropriate CURF personnel in order to begin the licensing process.  

License Application