Digital Sensor

Digital Sensor

Image Processing and Semantic Segmentation Software for Flood and Inundation Mapping

Information and Communication, Sustainable Environment

This product is designed to help scientist calculate the severity of a flood in densely populated areas and to control the damage the flood will cause. The pipeline is smartly designed to train images and calculate flood water levels in inundated areas and can be used to identify flood depth, severity, and risk. MarketWatch estimates that the global Flood Insurance…

Digital Sensing Device for Direct Signal Processing

Information and Communication

Clemson University researchers have discovered an effective way to accurately and rapidly convert analog parameters into digital signals that can then be further transmitted or stored for the user’s need. This all-digital sensing device uses a binary system and allows for entry into the passive sensor market, i.e. FDIR devices whose market was valued at $10.1 billion in 2015 and has an expected annual growth rate of 11%.
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