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Submitting a Disclosure 

Inventor Portal

An Invention Disclosure must be submitted through the Inventor Portal. Request an account for the Inventor Portal through CURF for access. 

Request an account here.   

Email Confirmation

An email will be sent to your email address confirming you account request. Click on the link in the email to access the website to create an account. 

User Information

Fill out the form in its entirety. Once your user information is saved, you will be able to add a new disclosure. 

Adding a Disclosure

From within the Inventor Portal, click the "Add Disclosure" tab and select the appropriate disclosure type. 

Submitting the Disclosure

Fill out the disclosure form in its entirety including all required fields before submitting the disclosure. 

Please note after submitting the disclosure only remarks and documents may be uploaded. No other edits can be made.   

Disclosure Review

After submission, a Technology Commercialization Officer will review the disclosure. Once the disclosure is approved, an email will be sent requiring electronic signature.