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Creative Inquiry and Undergraduate Research

Creative Inquiry connects undergraduate students with unique research opportunities by connecting them with faculty-led research projects at the University.

The DEN™

The DEN™ (Design & Entrepreneurship Network)  is a student-led group where students share business concept ideas, students form interdisciplinary teams around those ideas,  teams work in ideation and design iteration spaces, and students receive team (business) mentoring from a phenomenal network of expertise in design, creativity, manufacturing, IT, entrepreneurship and other fields.


The EUREKA! Program is open to incoming freshman students who have been accepted into the Calhoun Honors College. The program allows students to actively participate in research projects or other scholarly activities at Clemson for a five-week period.

Research Expert Discovery Suite

The University’s Research Expertise Discovery Suite (REDS) is an online portal that allows users to search for faculty with particular scholarly subject matter expertise and maps the related internal collaborative scholarly network between faculty.

Spiro Institute

The Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership supports research in the field of entrepreneurship and wealth creation through project-based activities with inventors, entrepreneurs, and established companies.

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