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The “R” in REAL: Moving ClemsonForward through research 

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Clemson University has made great strides in improving and building the University research enterprise. Over recent years, Clemson has committed to supporting university researchers through promoting a culture of discovery. The investment Clemson has made to research has culminated in the university receiving a Carnegie R1: Doctoral University (highest research activity) distinction. To continue developing the research reputation at Clemson, the Division of Research has made a set of funding opportunities available within the University that support the “R” in the ClemsonFoward Strategic Plan.

The ClemsonForward Strategic Plan was created to ensure that Clemson fulfills its core mission and maintains its rank among the top 20 public universities, while remaining a tier-one research institution. The Strategic Plan was built to address four strategic priorities: Research, Engagement, the Academic Core, and the Living Environment, better known by the acronym REAL. In an effort to support the “R” in REAL, the Division of Research created the “R-Initiatives.” A collection of funding opportunities available to Clemson University researchers, the R-Initiatives have allowed Clemson to grow in scholarship visibility and impact, to refocus the research mission, and to develop targeted research investments. The Division of Research currently offers 6 distinct funding opportunities that provide avenues for Clemson faculty to develop their research and advance the ClemsonForward strategic initiatives.

For more information on the Division of Research R-Initiatives, click here.

Clemson University Major Research Instrumentation Program

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The Clemson University Major Research Instrumentation Program (CU-MRI) is currently accepting proposals. This program provides researchers with financial support from the Division of Research. The funds can be used to upgrade or replace major research equipment that will impact further funding, scholarship, and research productivity. For this program, major research equipment is defined as a unit having a useful life of at least five years and an acquisition cost of more than $50,000.

Proposals must be received by 4:30pm, March 27, 2019 in InfoED. Faculty are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals for routing and electronic signature at least two business days before the deadline. Evaluation criteria looks at areas such as the possibility of the equipment being shared by multiple users, the quality of the plan of how to integrate the equipment, and other factors that demonstrate potential benefit to Clemson University.  Researchers are encouraged to apply and help bring new major research instrumentation to Clemson’s campus.

For more information, click here

Moving ClemsonForward: Increasing research activity through funding (February 26, 2019)

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Dear Colleagues,

Over the past few years, the Division of Research has worked diligently to support the research endeavors of Clemson University inventors and to increase University research activity. In an effort to promote and build the research environment at Clemson, the Division of Research made a set of funding opportunities available to Clemson researchers that foster innovative and collaborative research.

The R-Initiatives were developed to build upon the University’s reputation in research and provide opportunities for researchers to enhance the quality of their scholarly work and discoveries. In fiscal year 2017, recipients of the R-Initiative grants received funds for five new pieces of equipment supporting 117 faculty members in fourteen departments and six colleges, and they were awarded $2.5 million in additional external funding. The success of the R-Initiatives grants, and the opportunities they have afforded Clemson researchers, are strong indicators of the significant impact the R-Initiatives program has had on the University research enterprise. In support of the ClemsonForward 2020 plan and the ‘R” in REAL, the core strategy of the grant program is to refocus the research mission, grow targeted investments, raise research expectations in an effort to lay the groundwork for future success in research, and maintain the University’s Carnegie R1: Doctoral University (highest research activity) distinction.

The Division of Research has announced a call for proposals for a number of R-Initiative grants. Through these grants, researchers at Clemson will have the resources necessary to:

  • Gain access to Clemson’s core facilities at reduced cost
  • Successfully compete for significant external funding that will enhance the distinction of Clemson University in key areas of research
  • Develop cutting edge research and scholarship that capitalize on existing intellectual property at Clemson
  • Purchase, replace, or upgrade major research equipment that will impact funding, scholarship, and research productivity
  • Initiate research activities, complete a scholarly project, or advance research and development of a technology.

I encourage you to take advantage of these unique opportunities to advance your research. For more information on the R-Initiatives, visit

Best regards,