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Networking hub to promote collaboration and accelerate commercialization of technologies 

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November 20, 2019

The Southeast XLerator Network is a Regional Technology Transfer Accelerator Hub that will promote collaboration and participation among faculty, students, and researchers by developing a number of online resources that educate researchers on how to effectively write SBIR/STTR grant submissions and commercialize their technologies. 

Using an invaluable network of educational resources, mentors, and expertise, the hub aims to increase SBIR funding and increase the commercialization of healthcare and biomedical technologies in the typically underserved Southeast IDeA state region.

XLerateHealth, a company that has worked with more than two-hundred early-stage healthcare startups, is the SBC recipient of the award for the XLerator Hub, one of four IDeA State Regions to receive a National Institute of Health STTR grant, with the University of Kentucky as the STTR academic partner institution.

The Southeast IDeA States region includes six states (KY, WV, SC, AR, MS, LA) plus Puerto Rico, each of which has a designated state lead institution comprised of representative leads, and 24 partnering academic institutions. State leads, which are part of the Internal Advisory Committee (IAC), coordinate communications and operations in conjunction with the other 16 academic partner institutions. These participating institutions, including Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina, each have an appointed site lead who facilitate engagement by building a number of online resources that give faculty, students, and researchers the opportunity to learn about ways to successfully commercialize their technologies. 

The Southeast XLerator Network leverages and connects existing assets to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and commercialization, in an effort to promote a long-lasting, entrepreneurial culture among researchers at research institutions.

To learn more about the XLerator Network, click here

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