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KIYATEC is a Greenville-based company that offers cell-based Drug Response Profiling (DRP) services to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies accelerate the development of their small molecule compounds and biologic drugs. The company prioritizes accurate ex vivo prediction of patients’ response to drug treatment, with a focus on data correlation to human clinical outcomes. Their 3D cell-based models provide physiologically-relevant, efficient and cost-effective platforms for testing small molecules, biologic drugs, immunotherapies and adoptive T-cells in an in vivo-like tumor microenvironment to better understand drug efficacy, response or resistance.

The company most recently announced their Inaugural Scientific Advisory Board Members. The newly established scientific advisory board will help guide KIYATEC with their continued development and validation of predictive cancer diagnostics and complex ex vivo 3D tumor models. Read the full announcement here.

DriveSafety, a simulator company, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art driving simulators that provide a realistic and immersive experience for teaching and assessing factors in the driving process. The company’s simulators are used to test human factors, assess distractions, uncover and engineer product improvements, and conduct functional behavior and human performance studies. Drive Safety recently expanded into the Occupation Therapy market – which includes rehabilitation programs for senior citizens.

Drive Safety was recently featured in a news segment on Fox 13 Salt Lake City. Watch the news video here.

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VRM Labs, a natural antioxidants startup company, manufactures cost effective natural food preservatives for applications in pet food and animal feed industries. The company has validated the efficacy of their technology, the Prot-X, in several pet food models and is raising funds to scale up the production of Prot-X.

VRM Labs was announced as of the Innovision Awardees for 2014. Read about their success here and listen to a recent interview South Carolina Public Radio conducted with VRM Lab’s CEO, Alexey Vertegel here.


organovo-logoOrganovo, a 3D bioprinting technology company, designs and creates functional human tissues using their proprietary three-dimensional bioprinting technology. With reproducible 3D tissues that accurately represent human biology, Organovo is enabling ground-breaking therapies. Their technology allows biopharmaceutical companies and academic centers to design, build, and validate more predictive in vitro tissues for various applications. Their functional tissues can also be implanted or delivered into the human body for the repair or replacement of damaged tissues.

Recently, Organovo announced five presentations at the Society of Toxicology’s 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in New Orleans. The presentations demonstrated data supporting Organovo’s 3D Bioprinted Liver Tissues for Drug Toxicity. Read the full announcement here.