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January 29, 2019

Chase Kasper, the assistant vice president for research, technology transfer, and corporate engagement at the University of Southern Mississippi, has been named Director of Business Development for the Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF). He will assume his new role February 1.

As the Director of Business Development, Kasper will play a critical role in implementing CURF’s mission. By collaborating with Clemson University colleges, departments, and the Division of Research, and to continue building upon the University’s vision of supporting and guiding Clemson researchers who seek to mature their technologies, Kasper will be connecting faculty with the right industry commercialization partners.

During his tenure at the University of Southern Mississippi, Kasper helped establish and grow the newly formed Office of Technology Development, which serves as the technology transfer arm for the university. He also managed corporate relations and served as the Facilities Security Officer and Senior Insider Threat Program Officer. Under his leadership, the University of Southern Mississippi substantially increased the number of agreements negotiated and executed annually with the private sector.

Prior to joining the University of Southern Mississippi in 2013, Kasper worked at Mississippi State University for almost 10 years, transitioning from Manager of the MSU Research and Technology Corporation, to the Interim Director of the Office of Technology Commercialization, to the Associate Director of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer. Kasper also worked in industry for nearly 14 years prior to working in university settings. 

Kasper is finishing his last year as Cabinet Chair of the Membership Portfolio for the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), and he is a member of the National Association of Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO) and the Association of University Export Control Officers (AUECO). He has been involved with the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) and led the effort for the University of Southern Mississippi to join UIDP.

Kasper holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration, both from Mississippi State University, also a land-grant institution.

Rebecca Kasper, his wife, will be joining him in his move to the Upstate.

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