Clemson’s 15 patents in 2016 span bioengineering, advanced materials

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November 19, 2018

Rapid diagnostic tests for point-of-care diagnostics, diabetic-resistant coatings, HIV inhibitors and an impact-resistant, corrosion-prohibiting coating were among the 15 innovations for which Clemson University researchers received patents in 2016.

Tanju Karanfil, vice president for research at Clemson University, says the patent awards are one example of the impact Clemson makes on the region. Image Credit: Craig Mahaffey / Clemson University

The Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF) facilitates and manages technology transfer for Clemson faculty. Collaboration between researchers and CURF has produced more than 150 patents that are now available to the private sector for licensing.

The patent recipients received special recognition recently at an annual award event sponsored by the Clemson Inventors Club, a select group of faculty chosen for their high level of research activity, which often produces inventions.

“Invention and innovation in research are just a few ways Clemson impacts the world,” said Tanju Karanfil, vice president for research at Clemson. “Congratulations to all the inventors for their hard work and dedication to academic research.”

Bob Quinn, executive director of the South Carolina Research Authority(SCRA) outlined the new vision for the organization.

“The patent awards are a great representation of the innovation happening at Clemson,” Quinn said. “We were honored to be able to share how SCRA works with innovators to commercialize their technologies.”

“Our annual patent awards recognize the quality of the research being done at Clemson,” said Casey Porto, executive director of the foundation. “It’s a privilege to honor these researchers and celebrate their contributions to innovation that starts at Clemson and moves into the marketplace.”

For a complete list of 2016 Clemson patents and recipients, click here.

For a complete list of all patents awarded to Clemson faculty, click here.

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