Top Clemson Inventors and 2014 Patent Recipients Honored

On Tuesday, October 20, the Clemson Inventors Club and Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF) hosted a Patent Award Ceremony honoring the 2014 recipients of US Patents from Clemson University.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and university representatives gathered at the Madren Conference Center to honor Clemson University’s top inventors and 2014 patent recipients. The annual awards event promotes the spirit of innovation at Clemson University through discussion topics, a presentation, and reception. This year, the event recognized the 13 issued patents for the 2014 fiscal year, adding to CURF’s growing portfolio of 152 issued patents for Clemson University technologies available for licensing.

In addition to the awards, guest speaker Roger Schonewald, Manager of Technology Programs at GE Power and Water, gave a presentation titled “The Role of Technology in GE’s Gas Turbines and Wind Turbines.” The presentation gave an overview of technology and innovation at GE Power and Water and outlined the critical role of technology development and advancement for GE businesses, research, and Universities.Inventors, university representatives and the research foundation board of directors gathered Tuesday, October 21 at the Madren Conference Center for a reception honoring Clemson University’s top inventors and 2014 patent recipients.

The patent awards recognized Clemson researcher contributions in the fields of biomedical devices, nanotechnology, health, and advanced materials. Among the issued patents for 2014 were technologies for improved orthopedic joint implants, biosensors for DNA sequencing, and methods for geological storage of carbon dioxide gasses.