Clemson Inventor’s Club

Clemson Inventor’s Club

The Clemson Inventor’s Club is a select group of engaged faculty who are very active in developing innovative technologies for commercialization and those who create or aspire to create companies to commercialize their technologies. The Entrepreneurial Profiles booklet provides member information regarding their research areas, entrepreneurial experience, and any professional connections they are seeking. Read more about the members.
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Recent Events

The Clemson Inventor’s Club recently hosted a Patent Award Ceremony honoring the 2016 recipients of US patents from Clemson University. Read the full list of 2016 patent recipients here. Check out previous patent recipients below:

2015 patent recipients

2014 patent recipients

Featured Inventor

Dr. John DesJardinsJohn Desjardins

Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
Director of Bioengineering Abroad Programs

Dr. John Desjardins is the founder of the Clemson University Retrieval of Explants Program and Registry in Orthopaedics (CU-REPRO), which is a regional repository that collects and studies explanted total joint devices. He also serves as the Director of the Laboratory of Orthopaedic Design and Engineering at Clemson University, and the Frank H. Stelling and C. Dayton Riddle Orthopaedic Education and Research Laboratory at CUBEInC. His research interests include total joint replacements, orthopaedic biomechanics, and biomaterials – about which he has co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed conference or journal publications.

Dr. Desjardins also founded Clemson’s undergraduate bioengineering study abroad programs, and directs/assists with international programs in Spain, Singapore, and Tanzania. He currently leads or is a co-PI on many multi-disciplinary research teams for projects funded through NASA, DoT, NSF, the Gates Foundation, biomedical industry and other regional non-profit foundations. As an assistant professor in Bioengineering, he is the director of the senior capstone design courses, where he mentors 15+ small teams annually to develop innovative biomedical devices in partnership with local industry or clinical partners. Click here to see a list of Dr. Desjardins’s publications.