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Dear Colleagues, 

This Tuesday, we hosted our annual Patent Awards event. The awards program is our way of celebrating the drive for innovation and research at Clemson University. At this year’s ceremony, we honored researchers in a variety of areas including agriculture, bioengineering, and chemistry, who either received a patent or commercialized a technology in 2018. 

This past year, we added 16 issued patents to our growing portfolio of 166 issued patents available for licensing. Among the patents issued to the inventors were technologies that improve building construction, reduce biofouling in water systems, and inhibit corrosion of metal substrates. In addition to the patent awards, 7 Inventor’s Club Awards were given to innovators who commercialized a technology in 2018. We were also honored to recognize KIYATEC, Inc. for being selected to participate in the exclusive University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase that took place on Capitol Hill on April 10.

Congratulations to all the inventors for their hard work and significant contributions to the Clemson University research enterprise. 

For more information on the 2019 Patent Awards, click here.



KIYATEC receives additional financing for ongoing clinical studies

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KIYATEC, Inc., a South Carolina startup based on technology developed at Clemson University, has recently announced the $3 million initial closing of the company’s B2 financing round. In addition to the funding, KIYATEC has welcomed LabCorp as a new investor. LabCorp’s investment in KIYATEC is of particular significance because of their expertise in oncology and their preclinical and clinical development strengths. With these new developments, KIYATEC is poised to sharpen their ongoing clinical study, 3D-PREDICT.

An innovator in cancer treatment, KIYATEC works to change the future of cancer care through predicting how cancer patients respond to drug therapies. In the past few months, KIYATEC has gained significant momentum. They have demonstrated leading capabilities in modeling and prediction response to immune-oncology therapies at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). On April 10th, they were one of 20 startups chosen to participate in the 2019 University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Showcase. Most notably, in 2019 KIYATEC has added three clinical sites to its 3D-PREDICT study and expects to add additional sites soon. 

For more information on KIYATEC, click here

The South Carolina Medical Device Alliance announces new opportunities

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The South Carolina Medical Device Alliance (MDA) is a partnership of the South Carolina Research Authority, Clemson University, the Medical University of South Carolina, and industry. Together they are working to grow the economic impact of the medical device industry through job creation and startup formation. The MDA is working to form 23 new startups, create 100 new jobs, and file over 300 new patents. This will not only create economic growth throughout the region, but also provide a platform for innovators to invent, advance, and bring new medical device technologies to the market. 

Recently, the MDA has announced a number of new positions and requests for proposals. If you are interested in getting involved, click here